Problems with the CET

Duqin Wang (Foreign Language School, Beijing Normal University, PhD candidate) Foreign Language Test Policy and Social Development Needs:

“CET4/6, as a national examination to evaluate the attainment of the goals prescribed by College English Curriculum Requirements, belongs to the domain of public policy, and thus, like other public policies, has the functions of orientation, adjustment, value distribution, evaluation and social-related functions. However, the nature of CET4/6 does not accord with its regulations. The construction of the test is irrelevant to college English course requirement and instruction. The adoption of normal distribution violates the principle of effective teaching. The test is unable to test the comprehensive ability that society demands. What’s more, it misleads course arrangement, instruction design and course evaluation. That is to say, CET4/6 is unable to perform and in reality has not performed its policy functions. It has both low policy design validity and policy practice validity. To ensure the policy validity of CET 4/6, it is necessary to improve the organization system of the test, adopt criterion-orientation, increase the weighting of formative assessment, and focus on the evaluation of comprehensive application ability of learners. It is also necessary to establish society-adaptive curriculum standards and evaluation standards.”

The 5th International Conference on ELT in China & the 1st Congress of Chinese Applied Lingusitics

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